Essential but great.

Essential. Functional. Swiss.

Easy to use

Technology should enhance your practice, not limit it. That is why Medrooms is essential, intuitive and very easy to use.

For all devices

Medrooms work on all devices: your computer, smartphone and tablet. Choose the one you prefer and get started right away.


It complies with the latest privacy and personal data management regulations, with particular attention to Swiss (DPA) and European (GDPR) legislation.


All our servers are in Switzerland, and we use the most advanced security and encryption protocols to give you maximum protection.

Swiss Made

We are based in Switzerland, a neutral and safe refuge for your data.
We proudly share the Swiss
values of quality, reliability and precision.

No download

Medrooms requires no installation. It is automatically supported by all common browsers. It simply works.

The essential features of Medrooms.

Different needs, one product.

Virtual Clinic

Do you want to visit your patients remotely all through the afternoon? Simple! Just send your patients a simple link or QR code, and you will find them in the waiting room.

Coming soon

Single-use Room Generator

Need a link for an on-the-fly room to use next week in a meeting? In your Dashboard, you will find a disposable Medrooms room generator. Share the link or put it on your calendar, and you're done!

Still haven't decided? Try it free for 2 weeks and you will not use anything else!